Welcome to chesapeake christian fellowship

We would like to welcome you to Chesapeake Christian Fellowship (CCF).

We are a gathering and family of followers devoted to the Person, Work, and Word of

Jesus Christ as revealed through the Bible.  We hold fast to the inspired Word of God,

believing that it applies to every area of our lives - today.  We value dynamic and relevant preaching and teaching as well as a commitment to excellence in our offering of worship. 

FRequently asked questions

What time are your services?

Services are at 9am and 11am every Sunday. 

Are the two services different?

No, both services are planned to be identical. 

What should I wear?

Casual attire is welcome!  A pair of jeans and your favorite shirt or sweater will fit you right in.

Is there children's ministry at both services?

Yes, Chesapeake Kids (our children's ministry) is available at both services for infants to 6th grade.  We use a digital check-in format, assigning you a randomly generated ID tag that is safe, secure, and required to pick your child up.

What denomination are you?

We are a non-denominational, Bible-based, Christ-centered church.

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